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August 2019 - My beloved Loonah (Multi.Ch. Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré) danced with me to become probably the first Azawakh in the world that has passed an official dog dancing exam, division Dances with Dogs, Level 1, result Excellent! I am so proud of my beloved friend Loonah, she is a little girl´s dream come true! I am so inmensly grateful for having this exceptional creature in my life!


07.02.2019 - I am learning to draw The second drawing is again drawn according to a photo of my beloved Loonah, taken by my husband. The third one was a big challenge, I find it difficult to draw a dog´s face seen from the front; drawing a dog´s nose was also a difficult task. However, drawing is such a fantastic experience, switching off my left brain hemisphere, the rational one. I am afraid the therapeutic result is better than the artistic one, but anyway, it makes me happy to draw my beloved dog friends




Drawing no.4 - Fandouk



3.5.2018 - We are planning a litter with our beloved Sk.Ch., Cz Ch., Cz Grand Ch. Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré in the second half of 2019.

13.3.2018 - Today, a story took place in front of my camera. It made me smile from ear to ear - and I added it in my Dog Stories section: A Short Photostory: Akhami, Loonah and a Wallnut


16.01.2018 - SK JCH, CZ CH, CZ Grand Ch. Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré - a short training before the CAC show in Brno, CZ. Loonah was back to the show scene after 1.5 year pause... rather relaxed and with some extra weight... Awarding Exc.1 and CAC in the champion class, she became the CZECH GRAND CHAMPION.

lunka-postoj.jpg lu-postoj.jpg 


Some training to ease the stress - Loonah loves doing tricks and she did great in a difficult show environment.

We also had fun training without a leash - my Loonah is a joy to work with!

27.12.2017 - Some fitness exercise with Loonah on a physioroll and other balance aids; for me, this is not only a physical exercise to make my dog fit and create a proper body awarness and to "erase" the muscle memory from times when Loonah tried to compensate for pain and strain with an incorrect body position - this is trust, bond and fun which Loonah and I have together.


1.5 year ago, Loonah injured her left wrist ligaments. Her leg healed perfectly, however, as she leaned on her right wrist more for a rather long time, her right wrist needs some fitness exercise to help to get it into a better shape and position. The paradox is that now, she sometimes puts more weight on her healed left leg.


The most difficult part for Loonah is to stand still for a couple of seconds without offering any behaviour, as this is the starting point of the exercise. For an operant dog she is, this is an incredibly difficult task. For such a reason I inverted the position of paw pods and the balance disc, as with her rear legs on the disc, Loonah was wriggling like a happy puppy.

09.10.2017 - We had a lovely visitor over the weekend - Agg Etebel N´Ténéré (alias Canelo). Akhami´s son and Loonah´s brother spent two days with us. It was lovely to have him around - as always, having my - now big - puppies around is such a soul-warming experience for me. 





 Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 5.3 years old

07.10.2017 - I added a short story of our family in the Dog Stories section... However, it is not about dogs. It is about people. Recently, heated discussions are taking place on the racial purity of Azawakh imported from Africa. There is no genetic test showing this specimen belong to the Azawakh breed  which would be considered valid by those who call these dogs "African village dogs". According to them, such tests do not use a sufficient numbers of markers. Or yes, number of markers is OK, but they are not the right ones. Simply said, the science is not good enough for such people. They know better. But we have been through such standpoints so many times. We, people. No blind, extreme approach to anything has ever brought any good to anybody. So an old family history came to my mind... which is not about dogs at all: Loonah, Black Cupboard and Racial Purity



18.09.2017 - My beloved Akhami makes me very happy. She is a 10.3 years old senior lady, and she still loves to play, run and have fun with her daughter Loonah. Let´s hope she will stay in such a lovely physical and mental condition until a very old age - fingers crossed! 







Akhami, 10.3 years old, loves to play wild games with her daughter Loonah

20.08.2017 - Yesterday, I met my "puppy" Afellah Tariy at a racing track training. A lovely day spent with Tariy and his owner (and best friend), a great team I am so happy life has brought together!



Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré, 5 years old 

24.07.2017 - Loonah has a new Cowrie shell necklace. Cowrie shells were used (not only) in Africa as money, there was a belief that they could bring good fortune. I bought it in an emergency auction to support 16 Azawakh out of a pack of approximately 50 that survived the tragical circumstances in North California, USA. This necklace, for me, has a special value: it is an evidence of the fact that even in times of troubled relationships in the world Azawakh community, we are able to stick together and help when a real need arises. The only thing which deeply hurts is that such an immensely horrific event had to occur to bring us together. At least for a while... because discussions which have started recently about the surviving dogs that had been through real hell and some have not won their battle for life yet, makes me truly sick.



04.07.2017 - I still have some sleep deficit after our journey home from Spain (2.500 km). I would like to have a good night sleep, but... my Loonah is of a different opinion. She gets up at 4:30 am, laughing with all her body, hungry, and eager to play. I try to sleep; she comes to check on me every half an hour, asking with her nose and paws: "Are you awake?" OK, I am. So I get up, make a coffee to make me less groggy and keep me going, while Loonah jumps around with a ball, putting it in my hand to play. Oh well, let´s go for a morning run, my lovely Loonah!
This is how my days start. I love Loonah. She is so intensely Loonique.
She changes the direction of my train of thoughts which, due to the tragic events and following "aftershocks" in the Azawakh world, has turned to a rather pesimistic direction lately. Thank you, Loonah!






11.05.2017 - Inspired by today´s experience, I updated the Dog Stories section, admitting that "I Hate Aggressive Owners of "Friendly Doggies". The article contains some not very polite words, for which I apologise.


06.03.2017 -  Finally, I updated pictures of my "A" N´Ténéré litter - it was about time, my "puppies" are 4.5 years old...


Three generations: Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel, his daughter Tombouktou´s V´Akhami, and her progeny Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré and Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré (August 2015)

25.02.2017 - In December last year, Loonah an I participated in a photoshooting for our dog-school calendar. Pictures taken by our teacher Petra Marečková definitely made my day!






10.02.2017 - In memory of our beautiful friend Tari, I added a new photoalbum from 2014: Tari´s Afternoon on the Beach



10.02.2017 - After a long time of inactivity, I updated my About the Azawakh section with a text written by Daoud Abdullah Abdullah (David Moore) in 2009, containing a proposal of a new Azawakh standard and an open letter to the world Azawakh-lovers community: Daoud Abdullah Abdullah: A new Azawakh Standard and and Open Letter


7.2.2017 - From a wrist ligament injury back to a show condition!

On 9th August last year, Loonah jumped, running at a full speed, into a trench grown with a high grass before I had a chance to react and stop her. I can still hear her cry of pain in my sleep... my lovely little friend injured her wrist ligaments. Nobody was able to tell me how much damage she suffered - as X-ray did not show any damage and ultrasound screening would not show anything either - I did not know if she had suffered a complete ligaments rupture or if she might have been lucky and the rupture was not complete. I consulted several vets, from several countries, and all of them told me the same thing: I had to be patient, make Loonah use a wrist support for several weeks, and then wait for what happens when she starts using her leg again, putting her weight on it. Loonah spent 10 weeks with the wrist support and when she started walking again, the wrist looked rather good. Now, 6 months after the accident, I hope my lovely friend is back to her old physical condition! I will never be grateful enough to all those who helped us during the healing process!



Loonah´s leg three days after the accident... when the swelling was reduced almost to the half!



It was a very difficult time for Loonah. She is a much mentally active dog, she was in pain and she could only jump on three legs. Both her and I were depressed; it was so frustrating to watch my lovely friend just lying and watching me with sad eyes.

When the worst pain was over, we started playing and doing tricks again. I had to choose only such tricks and games during wich Loonah would be lying. I wanted to make her clever mind occupied and at the same time, to do some body fitness exercises which would help to keep her as fit as possible.


Half a year later... Loonah can walk and run and her wrist is neither swollen nor painful. I am so happy and grateful for her being back to a nice physical and mental condition. We have resumed her dogfitness programme and trickdogging lectures.


The trick on the first picture helped to keep Loonah a bit in shape during the period of physical inactivity. It was important to exercise her back, her dorsal muscles, as due to limping her body was rather unevenly loaded. And now, we can dance again! Isn´t she fantastic?

6.2.2017 - It is time to revive my dormant webpage. The last two years have taken away not just my beloved friend Tari, but also something of completely non-material nature. But this has nothing to do with dogs - so let´s go on, make a fresh start... I just have to confirm the saying: The more I know people, the more I love dogs. It is completely and utterly true!



Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel

12.11.2001 - 12.4.2016

Rest in peace, my one and only.

What happens when doggies pass away? What happens beyond all our tears and grief… where do they go?

The night after our beloved Tari´s death, Luis had a strange, bittersweet dream: He saw a long path lined with lush blue trees; the ground was covered with fallen leaves creating a soft golden carpet; far away, at a distance, there was a light shining… and Tari was walking on that path, away from Luis, strong and young again, with his head high, without turning, towards the light…

Was it really a dream? Where do they go?



29.02.2016 - My beloved Loonah became the Czech Champion. I don’t show her too much - not because of her approach towards shows, but mine. During my "showing" years, I - kind of - developed a certain dislike towards the show environment and politics... I prefer trick dogging and dog dancing to shows and my unique, beautiful, clever and hyper-active-minded Loonah surely agrees with me. 



Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, Czech Champion

29.02.2016 - I updated Akhami´s show section Akhami and Shows, as Akhami finished her show career, being awarded the Czech Veteran Champion title. It is not easy for me to accept the fact that my young-looking tender Akha will become already 9 years old in May.



Tombouktou´s V´Akhami, Czech Veteran Champion

A rather long time has passed during which I did not update my web pages. I was lacking time, energy, enthusiasm… the year 2015 was… how to put it? Well, it was not an easy year for me. Fortunately, Tari, Akhami and Loonah were by my side, supporting me with their love. As always; they never fail.

Let us have a look at the most important event for our small pack: On 12th November 2015, my old Tari celebrated his 14th birthday. While he celebrated his 13th birthday a bit earlier on a beach in Spain, where he played and ran like a young dog:



Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel, 13 years old

He was a really old dog on his 14th birthday. At that time, he still could join us and we went for daily walks, but his age has been taking his strength away. 


Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel, 14 years old

Like in the case of the majority of very old dogs, some days are better, some are worse for him. He is over 14 years and 3 months old. Thanks to our fantastic friends, he obtained a perfect „quarter-year“ birthday present on the 12th February this year: a special new pen, padded and safe, with a possibility to close when I am not at home. I call it geriatric box, GeriBox.






Luis and Tari: the best friends are together again


The beginning of February was very difficult for old Tari; I was afraid he would not meet his best human buddy any more, as my husband spent two months travelling in Central America. However, Tari made it, with lots of care, love and good luck. Now, these two best buddies are together again; old Tari has improved so much since his best buddy is back. We love our old doggy friend so much. We are happy for every new day we can spend together. However, I will ever feel a sweet nostalgia looking at these pictures taken in mid January this year… I do not expect to ever see my lovely Azawakh mini-pack complete, walking and playing like in the old days. 







21.8.2015 - After quite a time, I registered Akhami and Loonah for a show. It was Akhami´s first show in the veteran class, Loonah was shown in the open class. It was a club specialty of the Czech Saharan Sighthound Club, of which I am not a member. An interesting event with some interesting reactions and also unfortunally, some not very nice personal consequences for me.







20.4.2015 - This is how my beloved and unique Loonah looks like now, almost adult:





Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, 2 years 10 months old

8.4.2015 - In the About the Azawakh section, with due permits I added an interview with MVDR. Gabriele Meissen, a well-known German Azawakh breeder, published in a Norveigan magazine Mynden (Sighthounds) at the end of 2014. Azawakh: An Interview with MVDr. Gabriele Meissen


22.11.2014 - This week, a Norvegian magazine Mynden (Sighthounds) published a full original English version of my article Azawakh: A Short Breed Introduction, which had been published last year in the Kynologická revue magazine in Slovakia. I am much pleased with the interest of the Norvegian sighthound club in my article, and I am more than happy with the feedback I receive!


12.11.2014 - 13 is a lucky number! Our beloved Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel - Tari - celebrated his thirteenth birthday today running with his granddaughter Loonah: Tari 13 Years Old! May you be with us for some more years, beloved friend, we love you so much!




Our beloved Tari on the day of his 13th birthday

08.11.2014 - A new update in the Dog Stories section - I added a story describing the first week of our long-awaited holiday: Holiday in Spain: A Hell of a Start. Have a nice time reading





05.11.2014 - After a long time some updates again - our "A" N´Ténéré litter has grown up!


Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, 2.5 years old

Slovakia Grand Prix Junior Winner

Slovakia Junior Derby Winner

Slovak Junior Champion


3x CAC



Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 2.5 years old


Aman Iman N´Ténéré

1x CAC



Arwa Walet N´Ténéré (2 years old in the picture)


Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré (2 years old in the picture)




1.6.2014 - On the 20th May, my lovely Akhami celebrated her 7th birthday, and my beloved Tari turned 12.5 years old.


Tombouktou´s V´Akhami, 7 years old

Tari celebrated his 12.5 "birthday" playing with his granddaughter Loonah: Tari and Loonah playing




7.5.2014 - While his littermates have to walk on foot, Mr. Canelo has his own coach with a private chauffeur





7.5. 2014 - Within one months and one day, "A" N´Ténéré pups will become 2 years old. Time flies so fast...


Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, my lovely soulmate Loonah, 23 months old




3.5.2014 - Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré, almost 23 months old, living in Sweden:





7.4. 2014 - Agg Etebel N´Ténéré ran twice with his mother Akhami yesterday in order to obtain his coursing license. It was nice to meet again and the dogs had fun together!


Agg Etebel running with his Mum Akhami


The lure was laid manually, which was a nice opportunity for our Azawakh family to assist and have fun together


Akhami in between her daughter and son


In the afternoon, we went for a nice walk around the city parks and the historical centre of Hradec Králové, where I took this picture of Loonah




3.4.2014 - While Loonah´s siblings participate in coursing trainings, my Loonah has been developping her mental skills. In December last year, I started applying the shaping method in her training, and the speed with which she learns is amazing. One day, when I learn to shape my lovely Loonah properly, we will learn many new things together and we will have lots of fun.

Click on the following link to watch my loyal assistant Loonah helping me to hang up the laundry: Loonah, my Assistance Dog




3.4.2014 - Last weekend, we met our - now grown up - puppy boy Agg Etebel N´Ténéré alias Canelo to accompany him in his first coursing training. We were very happy to meet and his welcoming jumps and kisses went on and on! He ran with his Mum Akhami and he did very well. He has been maturing in a nice well-balanced dog with a pleasant character  - we are proud of him and his owners!


Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 22 months old, coursing with his Mum Tombouktou´s V´Akhami 




Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 22 months old 




1.3.2014 - In September 2013, I was approached by the editors of the Slovak dog magazine Kynologická revue who asked me to write a short article about the Azawakh. Now, I publish a complete original version also on my web.






24.2.2014 - CACIB Brno, CZ - Loonah obtained excellent 1 and CAC under a Portuguese judge in yesterday show in our hometown.





Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, excellent 1, CAC 




11.2.2014 - Yesterday, I received this nice picture of our "little one" Agg Etebel N´Ténéré. Our puppies are 20 months old!


Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 20 months old




2.1.2014 - A fresh short story:On our today´s walk, we met two Dads and their four kids. The kids were fascinated by my Azis that were wearing their fleece overalls. One of them, a little girl, saw Tari first and started commenting: "Look, this is a little horse! And he has trousers on!" Akhami appeared and the girl continued: "Oh, Dad, this doggie is looking so fashionable!" Finally, Loonah came trottting to the scene, all dressed up in black like an action movie hero. "Dad, Dad," cried the little girl, "and this dog is a thief!" She had Loonah´s real psychological profile ready in a second!



1.1.2014 - I added a new photoalbum Autumn and Winter 2013/14.


Akhami running at a full speed towards the new year 




10.12.2013 - DUO CACIB Wels, Austria - our Loonah spent a show weekend in Austria, being awarded 2x excellent in the open class. On the second day, under Mr. Fritz Björn, D, she was awarded CACA, Res. CACIB titles, and she obtained a very nice judgement. I was quite pleased with the result, as German judges are used to see and judge Azawakhs rather often and they have an idea of what the breed should look like. However, again, I realised I was the one who needed some show training!




      Tombouktou´s Ghimbala At Kel Albufera                    Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré

                   CACA, CACIB, BOB                                                CACA, Res.CACIB





Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré - CACA, Res.CACIB, Wels, Austria




22.11.2013 - Great news for all the English speakers who are interested in the history of the Azawakh and who choose not to ignore the breed´s African reality: Mrs. Susan Bamford has translated into English the first - and unfortunatelly the only one - rather detailed scientific work of a French veterinary doctor Francois Roussel from 1975. In his thesis, Roussel mapped the situation of the breed in its regions of origin in the first half of the seventies. Unfortunatelly, his work, which is a valuable testimony of the African reality of the Azawakh, has never been taken into consideration by those responsible for the creation of the FCI Azawakh standard. The thesis is published on the web of a well-known Azawakh breeder, Mrs. Corine Lundqvist, Azawakhs De Garde Epeé.

Francois Roussel: Contribution to the Study of Sighthounds in the Southern Sahara




12.11.2013 - Another year has passed, and my beloved Tari is 12 years old today! My incredible old man enjoys life, he still loves to run and walk and play. He celebrated his birthday with a nice walk in a lovely autumn weather, meeting friends and playing especially with his granddaughter Loonah:





To make him (and the rest of our mini-pack) happy, I prepared home-made liver treats for him:


Happy birthday, my lovely friend! May you live with us in good health for many years to come! 




11.12.2013 - N´Ténéré sisters in movement:


Arwa Walet N´Ténéré ©Lucia Drietomská


Aman Iman N´Ténéré ©Vlaďka Nováková


Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré ©Luis Moreno




20.10.2013 - I have added new pictures from our holiday in Spain, from our trips to places we love, such as Valencia, Morella, the Palm Desert, and also from Narbonne, France. With this, the holiday album has been closed. I have also added a link to a very short video spot showing Loonah playing in the sea: Loonah and the Sea.


16.9.2013 - I have added a new album from our holiday with our dogs in Spain. Tari and Akhami have returned to their well-known places, for Loonah, this is her second trip to Spain, as she was in Galicia in the spring with me. So, besides the Atlantic Ocean, she has known the Mediterranean sea - and she loves it! Unlike her Granddad Tari and Mommy Akhami, she enjoys swimming! Espaňa 2013


A short story from our holiday:

Loonah´s First Successful Hunt:
Azawakhs are good and passionate hunters, and my Loonah caught her first prey yesterday. However, as everything what she does, Loonah´s approach towards hunting is very… unique.
We spent the afternoon on the beach; Akhami and I were enjoying the sunshine, while Loonah was digging. There were deep holes everywhere. All of a sudden, a person appeared at a distance. Luna made a fast start to see who the intruder was, followed by Akhami as her Mummy wouldn’t let her daughter without her support… I jumped to my feet, going after my girls… and with a loud thud, I fell in one of Loonah´s holes! I was lying on the sand, breathing hard, trying not to cry with pain. It was the last straw for my poor back which had already given me some sleepless nights… My Azi girls laid down as if ordered to do so, watching me with eyes wide open knowing this time something really bad happened… My husband tried to help me to get back to my feet… it was difficult. Loonah and Akha were pulling such ”sorry, Mum“ faces. OK, to make a long story short: I can walk, I am able to sit very carefully… and I am the first prey my Loonah has caught. I fell flat in her trap. She got me, my girl.




19.8.2013 - Loonah participated in two shows in Slovakia over the weekend. She obtained her last missing CAJC title in the CACIB show in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Sunday, to be awarded the Slovak Junior Champion title. This time, she did not enjoy so much being in the ring, partly also because of the lack of empathy of the judge on the first show day, but on the second show day, the judge was very happy with my adolescent girl, awarding her CAJC and BOS titles. With that, Loonah has become SLOVAK JUNION CHAMPION.





Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, 14 months old




12.8.2013 - I have added new pictures in the summer photoalbum. Our dogs enjoy walks in spite of the scorching heat. Old man Tari spends his days cooling himself in our basement bedroom and Akhami and Loonah run and play without being affected by the heat. Loonah, my hyperactive clown girl, runs and plays in the garden even in the hottest hours of the day. New pictures can be found here: Summer 2013.


Happy running Loonah




9.8.2013 - Last weekend, I was on the road, again. I went to Sweden to visit my two pups and to take one of them, Aman Iman, alias Lily, back to my country to be re-homed. Her lovely owner has fallen sick and after mutual agreement, we decided to find a new home for Aman Iman. She is living in a nice home in CZ now! Pictures from my Swedish adventure can be found here.


A breeder in her private little heaven:
Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré, Aman Iman N´Ténéré and I, meeting after one year.  




9.6.2013 - Yesterday, our "A" N´Ténéré litter babies celebrated their one-year birthday. We visited Agg Etebel (called Canelo at home) and we organised little family birthday party. Canelo is a very outgoing and lovely male - a real family dog. And what made me happy - he still remembers us and loves us! It was such a lovely meeting. We thought a lot of the other litter mates: Arwa Walet in Slovakia, and Afellah Tariy and Aman Iman in Sweden. Happy birthday, my lovely little puppies! 



Agg etebel N´Ténéré, one year old, with his dam Akhami







He still loves me!




9.6.2013 - From 31.5. to 2.6.2013, Loonah participated in her first three shows in Slovakia. And I returned to the showring as a handler after two-year break. Both of us still have to learn a lot - I as a handler, and Loonah as a show dog. However, we returned home quite satisfied: Loonah was awarded 3x Excellent, 2x CAJC, 2x JuniorBOB, 1x BOB, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner and Slovakian Derby Junior Winner. And after having been on the showground for a short time, she enjoyed being there - which was the most important achievement!




 To make my hyper-active Loonah stand calmly for a while in something resembling a show posture is a real challenge 




4.5.2013 - With the permission of the author, I have published an article by Dr. Maria Stanovoi: Sighthound is a Hunting Dog, in the About the Azawakh section.It sheds light on the history and present of hunting with sighthounds and its impacts on the wildlife.







7.3.2013 - Akhami is back on the coursing track! After almost three-year break, Akhami returned to the coursing track. In today´s race, she won the first place, a little cup, dog treats... It sounds great, doesn´t it? Well, there is one catch to the whole story: as it is usual in our country, she was the only one Azawakh in the race... however, she enjoyed the race, had fun and a great time, and this is what such events should be about - shouldn´t they?





13.3.2013 - My lovely Loonah... no words can express what I feel for this little girl.


Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, 8 months 3 weeks old



Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, 9.5 months




And how is our lovely Arwa Walet N´Ténéré doing? She has been living in Slovakia with her Azawakh friend Barika Ginever and a lovely human family. She has been developping from a lively playful girl into a well-balanced young Azawakh lady: 






Arwa Walet N´Ténéré, 9 months



25.2.2013 - I am adding a couple of pictures of our little boy Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, alias Canelo, living in the Czech Republic. In my opinion, he has been growing in a very nice Azawakh with a very nice format, long legs and beautiful chest line. I am very happy with our boy´s development!



Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, alias Canelo, 4 months and three weeks old


Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 6.5 months


Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 8.5 months old, wishing for spring to come


Agg Etebel N´Ténéré, 8.5 months, playing with his Deerhound friend Azalia




22.2.2013 - Two weeks after Loonah´s accident, life is back to its usual routine. The ache is almost over, Loonah´s energy is back. Only time will tell if she wins over that misfortune, but now, I am so happy for my lovely girl!


Loonah playing with Mummy Akhami this morning




11.2.2013 - No news. I was just going through old pictures and I found this, taken by an Azawakh-owner friend back in August. It shows my Loonah, three months and eleven days old, with me. That was such a sweet moment. We had visitors - there were about 10 Azawakhs + owners in the house, dogs running around, Loonah with them. And all of a sudden, she came to me, sat in front of me, gave me the paw and spoke to me in her doggy way. This picture tells it all... about a beginning friendship and mutual love.





9.2.2013 - Bad luck after a nice weekend, both for me and my lovely Loonah. My little girl had a bad accident on Thursday afternoon while running with her mum. The vet suspected an internal organ injury, which fortunatelly was not confirmed at the end. However, Loonah´s spine has received a strong blow. My lovely little friend is in pain, her typical scorching energy and good mood have disappeared. Please keep your fingers crossed for my lovely little soul. My Loonah, may you recover soon. Please.

Nice words from the owners of Loonah´s siblings and pictures are the only source of joy now for me now. For example the two who are living in Sweden: little Aman Iman, called Lily by her owner, has been growing into a graceful beauty, and Afellah Tariy, so much loved by his owners, is a very happy dog living in a large family.




Aman Iman N´Ténéré, 8 months 




Afellah Tariy N´Ténéré, 8 months




6.2.2013 - On Saturday 2nd February, our lovely Loonah, our friend Vanesa from England, my sister and I went to see a CACIB show in our hometown. When we entered the show premises, Loonah was surprised and felt a bit uncomfortable in crowded pavilions, but as time went on, she accepted it and returned to her normal self - a teenager Azawakh girl for whom life is fun and joy. Just look at my almost 8 months old Loonah training for the first time in the showring - pure joy! Loonah´s first show training

Only two Azawakhs were registered for the show on that day, both in the Junior Class and both awarded Very Good.



Boum Ginever




Ghatt de Nulle Part Ailleurs




26.1.2013 - My little Loonah has been developing in a nice Azawakh lady:


Loonah, 7.5 month old




15.1.2013 - My lovely Loonah has been metamorphosing from a little anarchist into an intellectual Azawakh young lady. This fact reflects also in her reading taste - from horror stories and tourist maps, she has switched to my favourite Magic Realism. For example on Sunday during my short absence, she borrowed One Hundred Years of Solitude by Márquez (in Spanish) and read it from the very first to the very last page, carrying out a thorough literary analysis of the book:


Lovely Little Loonah, cuddling with her Mom, pretending to be an angel



Our little intellectual thinking about what she has just read



The result of Loonah´s thorough literary analysis




8.1.2013 - I created a composition of the most-liked photos on my Facebook profile in the last year. The result shows not just the most liked pictures of the year, but also my most precious moments with our lovely puppies:





5.1.2013 - Our dogs enjoy our winter walks, however they really love to sleep cosily in their chairs - just like in this picture, which I took at the moment of supposed Mayan Apocalypsis:


Mornings in our house usually look like this:



A link to a video showing wild games of my three generations of Azawakh: Tari+Akhami+Loonah playing




3.1.2013 - Yesterday, when I opened my News section here on my web, I found out that almost all the content of this section had been lost. Why and how, I do not know. I am sad. Two years of history of my web is gone... Links to my videos and interesting articles, pictures...  I am so sorry...






 4.12.2012 - I have created a new album for our pack: Loonah, Akhami and Tari, where I will gradually add pictures of our dogs from now on. 



Mummy Akhami playing with her 6-month old daughter Loonah




24.11.2012 - Little Loonah went to a coursing event.  At first, Loonah was a bit surprised to see so many dogs and people, but she quickly got used to the place and she was very interested in hunting the "bunny" and her friends. Of course, she has been training coursing following the mop during my cleaning at home since she was about three weeks old! She also enjoyed playing with her friend Whippet Meena, a puppy of the same age: Loonah+Meena Running


Loonah wants to go hunting!


What is this strange plastic tassel for?


Loonah running


Our friends Podencos: White beauty - Safira de Escalona, Ibizan Hound, and Azabache, Canarian Hound




20.11.2012 - Little Loonah visited the ZOO. The photogallery Loonah in ZOO illustrates her adventures with wild animals.



Loonah and curious suricats




17.11.2012 - What can Azawakh girls do in long autumn evenings? They play interactive games - and simultaneously! Look at this short video: Akhami and Loonah playing interactive games




14.11.2012 - Joy continues - I add a link to a short video of my lovely old man Tari playing with his granddaughter Loonah. Ten months ago, Tari was almost paralysed due to his problem with slipped cervical discs. Today, he is able to walk again, and also run and play! Miracles do happen: Tari running with Loonah




12.11.2012 - A day of a double joy! Today, our beloved Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel, our lovely Tari, celebrated his 11th birthday! This has not been an easy year for our old man: his old injury caused years ago by a Fila Brasileiro male got worse... However, after a long magnetotherapy treatment and thorough convalescence, he is still here with us, enjoying life and walks in places he loves. We are very happy our old friend is doing well!


Tari+I, magnetotherapy session, February 2012



Tari, 11 years old

Another reason for joy was a visit of our friend and an Azawakh puppy girl only a few days older than our Loonah. The girls had a great time together: 




Loonah and her friend, Agg Amaias Ghaada




1.11.2012 - A new story has been added in the Dog Stories section: My Manic Mornings with Loonah.





26.10.2012 - The youngest member of our pack has her own section: Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré - Our Loonah.




22.10.2012 - After my "puppy-maternity leave", when the puppies left in August, I started working again. September was a very hectic month for me, and October has been the same so far. I spend every free moment educating and socialising our little Loonah. So Loonah finished her first socialisation course led by MVDr. Hana Žertová and received this nice diploma:


At the end of the course, a "school-leaving party" - a common walk of the classmates was organised where the puppies could play and run. There is no need to say how much they enjoyed it!


 Loonah and her friends


During the walk, Loonah decided to change me for little Zuzanka, who had better treats (she always does) than I had!



When Loonah returned home after the "party", she was tired but happy!



16.8.2012 - ALL OUR PUPPIES HAVE ALREADY LEFT FOR THEIR  RESPECTIVE NEW HOMES! On Tuesday morning, our charismatic well-balanced Arwa Walet left with her new family for Slovakia:



 Arwa Walet and her new family

On Wednesday, Agg Etebel left. I am happy that this lovely boy will stay in the Czech Republic, and even more that he has become a member of a sighthound-experienced and very nice family!


 Akhami, Aloonah Tarha and Agg Etebel - the last morning together


Agg Etebel and his new family

 Aloonah Tarha has become a new member of our pack:


 Aloonah Tarha - the youngest member of our pack




10.8.2012 - On their two-month birthday, the first two puppies, Aman Iman and Afellah Tariy, left for their new loving homes in Sweden. Next week, Arwa Walet and Agg Etebel will leave. I new this day would come, however I could not imagine how hard it was to let my babies go... May you be happy, my little ones, I will miss you!


 New members of the N´Ténéré family: Amy and Aman Iman; Helene, David and Afellah Tariy