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at the end of 2019



These pages are dedicated to three generations of Azawakhs I have the honour to share my life with – to a male Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel, his daughter Tombouktou´s V´Akhami, and her daughter Aloonah Tarha N´Ténéré, but not just to these three. These pages are a manifestation of my love and respect for the breed which I will never cease to admire.


The Azawakh is a less-domesticated breed of a sighthound, with the breeding of which man has interfered only little. It belongs among so-called primitive breeds. Everything in the Azawakh, from its appearance to its character, has been shaped by environmental conditions to an absolute perfection so that it could survive in its region of origin.


…When I speak or write about my life with my Azawakhs, I realise I am lacking words: I feel as if I found myself in an unknown world, a realm of Nature which we, the humans, left thousands of years ago, losing our capacity to understand it or become a part of it again… I am at a loss, not knowing how to express what I see, feel, and hear… words become so superficial. I feel as if I were an explorer that all of a sudden finds herself in a world of a different reality, lacking expressions to describe it. So I am using words from our world, a vocabulary insufficient to describe the richness which appears in front of my eyes… 






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