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On the Road Again - Sweden, August 2013

Re-Homing Aman Iman N Ténéré

What a weekend... My Aman Iman, alias Lily, is back in CZ. Four thousand kilometers in a car. New impressions. Meeting friends, great people whom I will never be able to thank enough. Meeting two out of my five beloved pups. And so many lovely people moving all the strings to give one little soul a chance for a new life. May I extend my endless gratitude to: Filip Machovský for driving me all the long way to and back from Sweden and to his partner Žaneta Rouchalová who had to stay at home taking care of their dogs, and to my husband Luis for taking care of our pack while I was on the road again; Helene Andreasson and her husband David for being who they are - loving souls and good friends; Susannah Thyni for her moral support and much more; Vlaďka in CZ for offering a new home for Lily... and most of all, thanks to you, Amy Sara Rövardotter Hellström, for having the courage you had to give away so unselfishly somebody whom you love. Sometimes, life is not fair. I´m wishing you all the best, you deserve it.